January 23, 2009

Metro Moms

I don't know if you have heard me talking about my new found fun Mommy time, but I love going to this group called the "Metro Moms"metroplexbaby.com There are many activities that you can do with them, but my favorite are the classes that you attend so you can have time out of the house, meet new people and then get great stuff and learn the latest ideas in child development and rearing! I have been to several of these events and love everything about them..... If you go to the website there are several things that this has on it....if you are a member, you can get discounts on things like museums and other educational places plus you have lots of opportunities to meet new people.

These are some of the next events that I want to attend....check out the website above and see why I love this time for myself!!!!

I know that this is starting to sound like an advertisement for Metro Mom's....and it is!!! I just love them and want to win free tickets to the next Best and Hottest event!!!! I hope that more of you guys can come with me!!!

January 12, 2009

1st week at Grandma's House w/o us

The week between Christmas and School starting back was a really busy one for Ryleigh and Grandma June. Ryleigh stayed at Grandma's house and played with her and Great Grandma Joyce. They packed lots of play dates and baths into this week. some of these pictures of her and Grandpa Billy are just too cute...looking for movies to play on the new big tv down stairs.

I think that Ryleigh had a blast being there and is already ready to come have lots more visits to Grandma June's house!!!

Big Brother Preston came to visit also!!!!

December 30, 2008


Ryleigh had such a great time at Christmas. I really think that she enjoyed the paper that was being torn than the real presents until we got her to play with them.....

I just love these two...she is just completely excited that her Pony makes noises when she scoots on it.....now that we have had a chance to play with it.....now she does not get on the seat, she just pushes it around the house and dances to the music!!!

Well, Grandma Joyce and Ryleigh had just about all the fun that they could muster for the day! Nap time is really great!

November 24, 2008

Stuffed Animals

We always go to Sam's and play with the stuffed animals every time we are there. But this time, Ryleigh was NOT going to let us pass until we let her get down and really PLAY with the bear. This is one of those stuffed animals that acts like our old stationary pony things that we all used to have. Ryleigh doesn't even care if it is the bear, panda, tiger, or what ever, it just has to have the big stuffed head and furry!!! She loves this thing!!!


We started with just plain noodles......

Then we did the whole spaghetti thing!!!

November 1, 2008

Ryleigh's funny new face

Ryliegh has started to do this cute little pucker thing when she really likes what she is eating.

Normally she takes a bite of food and just swallows, but since she has been trying all these new foods (like carrot, apple and other fruit slices) she has started to really TASTE her food. this is how we now get the "Pucker" look!!!! This look usually comes with a MMMMM!!! sound or some cute baby noise that sounds like she really likes it!