August 30, 2008

Cabin in Arkansas

Here we go!!! Our 1st stop was a a really pretty lake. We all took much needed rest brakes and ate breakfast here!!!

Uri, Ella, and Josephine

Daddy feeding Ryleigh
Our next stop was for Lunch. We stayed here for quite a while waiting for the cabin to be ready for us. We had a blast playing in this park on the grass.

Do you see Ryleigh holding the water (sippy-cup) all by her self??? She is doing this more and more during the day. At night, she still wants us to hold the bottle so she can cover her eyes.

Here is the Cabin....Doesn't it look like a fairy tale???
We even found Little Girl sizr outside furniture. Ryleigh loved sitting in it. She looked and looked and was even too busy to smile for Mommie with the camera.

Our family picture outside the back of the Cabin

On our way home. Ryliegh just loved laying on the blanket playing with whatever we would give her for toys!!!

OK, she is REALLY tired, we did not even give her a bottle.

The next morning, she is ready to go!!! And it is even better that she sees the camera and automatically starts smiling!
We had a great time. We look to do many more "mini" vacations with Uri, Ella, and Josephine!

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